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Hi there.

I’m Mandy Fleming. I am a junk artist. I use found objects or discarded metal pieces, old kitchen utensils, car parts, engine parts, in fact anything that interests me that is scrap metal and I make new things from them. I use a MiG welder,  much elbow grease and my endless imagination to create these new pieces. I started creating in November 2013 after purchasing my first welder. I had never seen one working so held my breath and hoped for the best and began!! I was terrified that I would blow myself up or even be electrocuted or burn my eyes out! But, I am still here, eyes, fingers and even hair still intact. (My hair is very white and I’ve learnt that cleaning rust off metal with a grinder turns it yellow! Not pretty at all).

My work is becoming more and more intricate and interesting. The more you look at what I build the more parts you will find. I enjoy it when people spend a long time studying them. Quite often its the men who do this as they are more familiar with metal and what it has been in its previous life.

I spend a huge amount of time picking pieces, cleaning, degreasing and removing rust before I even begin to weld anything together. this part takes the longest and is dirty, hard work especially since I am really such a girl. Getting dirty and smashing fingers etc is all part of the process. I love to make these creations especially if they end up looking like the object I first imagined. I know I will continue to create my pieces for some time yet and enjoy the comments and encouragement from  the people who see it. There are quite a few local businesses that keep me supplied with interesting parts. My local garage, Snells Beach Motors are great. Its been a challenge to enter into a predominantly mans world and ask for their junk! My thanks to all of them for their help and donations.

My husband Bruce is my number one supporter and I thank him so much for his muscle power helping me undo stubborn bolts and lifting that heavy piece that gets the better of me.

I hope you enjoy my artwork and thanks for taking the time to read about me.


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